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Fun and easy swing lessons

Retro American dances, such as swing, are back! 
They are practiced on the frenzied Jazz music of the 1920s to the 1940s. The mother dance of swing is Lindy Hop, the main dance taught by Easy Swing. But we also teach other African-American dances such as Charleston, Solo Jazz and Blues.

Passionate and experienced teachers and dancers

The most important thing in any learning is the type of teaching.
Our swing teachers have all benefited from intensive training with the best international dancers, offering dance classes brimming with fun and technical expertise.

Any questions?

Find out what swing is, how to sign up for our courses and lots of other info…



You want to improve your technique and your way of dancing?

Do you want to focus on specific themes such as Tandem Charleston or Aerials?

Come join us at the “IMPROVE YOUR DANCE” workshops!

Each month a new challenge to take up to go even further in the approach and development of your swing dance.

E.L.E.F. (*Everybody Leads Everybody Follows)

Lindy Hop lessons for beginners, or for all those wanting to review their basics and integrate a course with a new philosophy of dance couples.

This queer friendly class is taught ELEF style (*Everybody Leads Everybody Follows) for the first Time in Brussels!

To master one role in a dance you also need to understand the other and the best way to do that is to experience it for your self. In addition there will be twice as many you can dance with on the social dance floor.

Have more dances, make more friends and have lots more fun!