General Conditions

1. Registration Terms

– After registering via the website, you become a member of the Asbl Easy swing, whose head office is located at 36 place Vivegnis- 4000 Liège.
– Registrations for courses and workshops given by Easy swing are made via the online form and are taken into consideration by order of arrival of payments.
– The required fields of the registration form must be completed.
– Registration is guaranteed upon receipt of payment of the full amount of the registration.
– Juvenile students must have an authorization from their parents or guardians or be accompanied.
– It is not possible to change levels during the semester. You can, with the agreement of the teachers, change levels in the second semester.
– The lessons given by Easy swing follow the principle of “1 Level per year”, so 2 semesters of regular lessons per level.
– Registration is done as a solo or as a couple.
– During the couples classes, all participants in the classes are invited to dance with the other class participants. The couples lessons given by Easy swing follow the principle of “Everyone dances with everyone”.
– Individuals enrolled in couples’ courses under no circumstances have an appointed partner provided when they register.
– It is possible for anyone to register as either a Leader or a Follower.
– For E.L.E.F courses, teachers follow the principle that everyone does both roles during the course and without conditions.
– It is possible to recover up to 3 lessons missed during the semester and this only during the current semester. No course recovery will be accepted once the registration semester has ended. This offer is only valid for regular semester or annual courses and is not applicable for workshops and modules.
– No trial lessons are allowed. Easy swing organizes many initiations throughout the year so that everyone can discover the lessons offered by Easy swing for free. This improves the quality of the course which starts from the first lesson with a full group.
– Registration using the online form signifies acceptance of these general conditions. This affiliation contract is subject to Belgian law and only the justice of the peace of the judicial district of Liège is competent.

2. Cancellation conditions by the participant
– Only an impediment for health reasons (with medical certificate from the doctor) allows the participant to benefit from a partial reimbursement of the amount paid during registration: 75% of the registration amount reimbursed 1 month before the start of the course , 50% 15 days before, and no refund possible after 15 days.

3. Affiliation – Price – Payment
– The Member is informed that the membership takes effect from the date mentioned at the time of acceptance of registration and payment thereof. Membership of the courses is strictly personal and can not under any circumstances be transferred / used by a third person.
– The teachers will take attendance records for each class, in the event that a participating student is not in order to pay he / she must be excluded from the class until their situation is regularized.
-The school reserves the right to require the presentation of an identity document when registering a new member. The school may, at any time, ask the Member to justify his identity in order to be able to verify that the person attending the school is in fact a member of the school.
– For late registrations, during the season, a pro rata will be calculated.
– The price of your registration is notified during it and all our prices can be found on our website.
– The prices mentioned on the site are given as an indication. They are subject to change.
– Payment is made by bank transfer.
– Instructions and payment terms for courses and workshops are detailed in the pre-registration email you will receive once you register online.
– If the Member does not voluntarily pay these amounts owed, the school may call on a collection office to collect the debt. In this case, the collection office will invoice a lump sum compensation in addition to the sums to be recovered. If the school calls on a collection agency for the collection of the debt it holds on the member, the latter will also be required to pay legal and extra-judicial costs, the penalty clause (15 % on the amount of the debt) and contractual interest for negligence of 10% per annum of the amount of the debt.

4. Courses and Schedules
– Classes will be held from September to June. The school reserves the right to change the group or course of a student who is not at the right level or who fails to adapt to his group. If a teacher should be absent, he will be replaced as far as possible.
– The advertised lesson times are subject to change without notice and do not constitute a reason for reimbursement. The Member acknowledges having read the general conditions of this contract (available on the site
– The school reserves the right to cancel a course if the organizational conditions are not met or any other force majeure.
– In the event of cancellation or postponement of courses or events for “Force majeure”, no refund of the contribution will be made. The association Easy swing reserves the right to adapt its courses, its timetables, to propose other alternatives, initiatives or to set up certain compensation measures.

* Force majeure is a legal concept that allows the parties to suspend or cancel the performance of their contractual obligations provided that the event meets the following three characteristics: (1) be unpredictable, (2) be irresistible as to its occurrence and its consequences and (3) not be attributable to the obligor of the obligation.

5. Responsibilities
– Any student who behaves disrespectfully towards the teachers, the group, the premises, the supervision (theft, verbal or physical violence …) will be immediately excluded. Any costs incurred will be billed to the student (or parents or legal guardian).
– The association, teachers and staff assume no responsibility for personal injury or loss, or damage to personal property of students and professionals on site.
– In the event of degradation or material damage to premises or educational material caused by a student, the latter will be responsible and bear the costs of replacement, repair and any damage.

6. Insurance – Accident – State of health of members
– The Member declares that he is in good health and that no known medical reason prevents him from participating in short or prolonged intense physical effort. It is forbidden to attend school in the event of infection, contagious disease or injury due to the risk of endangering the health and safety of other members.
– Any accidents must be declared in writing with acknowledgment / receipt (by email to Sarah Pestana: within 24 hours of the accident, otherwise no request for intervention can be taken into account.
– In addition, the member declares to be covered by civil liability insurance – private (family) life which will intervene in the event of damage caused by the Member to the facilities / equipment made available to him as well as to other members.
– The Member (or his legal representative) will be held responsible for damage / damage caused to the building, classrooms, school equipment and its suppliers / external service providers.

7. Confidentiality rule – Computer file – Image rights
– All information communicated by participants during registration or subsequently is under no circumstances communicated to anyone by the association except in the event of an explicit wish on the part of the participant. The file is fully subject to the rules of the “Informatique et Libertés” law.
– The school complies with the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy regarding the processing of personal data.
– The member’s personal data is recorded in the school’s database and processed for the management of the customer file, the products and services offered, the performance of market studies, in order to inform the member of the ‘existence of new products and services as well as within the framework of the implementation of promotion and information campaigns.
– By registering, the Member (or the person responsible, for minors) cedes the universality of their image rights, their exploitation rights attached to their contributions (voice among others) provided within the framework of the ‘ASBL Easy swing, for destination, and in particular advertising, promotional, information and marketing, and for all products and services. The exploitation rights include all the rights of adaptation, reproduction, representation, as well as all secondary rights of use including, without this being limiting, the right to adapt, with or without transposition of genre to the other, and modify your contributions, the right to record and reproduce the results of the Member’s contributions on any medium, by any technical process known or to be discovered.